Thoughts around equality and the chances given

We will never have true civilization until we have learned to recognize the rights of others.
Will Rogers

Five plus ten equals fifteen, that is a fact and noone could argue with this, should anybody do so there is slight chance for winning such argument. How come then, that a person is not necessarily equal with another? How are we different? What makes us ten, and what makes us five? Equality in general has quite a wide scale, so I will tighten the topic on financial inequality and its consequences.

In Hungary there are many professions which are drastically underpaid, such as nurses, social workers, teachers – in school and in kindergarten as well -, and doctors. There are people who are working properly and responsibly, who have been doing their job for ten-twenty years and they are paid around gross 120.000 HUF – around 390 EUR -, which means that after you pay what you got to pay to the government, you will have around 80.000 HUF – 260 EUR – for a month to live, while others may recieve a 7 figure check every month. From your salary you have to pay for your rent, your gas/electricity/water bill, internet, clothing if necessary, groceries, and enteratainment as well. Generally speaking 80-90 percent of people’s salary is determined, so you must spend 80-90% of your monthly income in order to live, and the remaining 10, for the luckier ones 20 percent remains for you to save it, invest it, or use it in any other way.

The fact that some people don’t feel safe financially, since they have to spend nearly all of their money earned just to survive, let’s say, creates a frustration in the society. Frustration, that will have an effect on their relationships, motivation, mental wellness, health, and also on their general mood, which brigns us the question: what is the solution?

For sure people can decide to leave their country and make their fortune abroad, that’s a path. I would not recommend total equality, because that would affect people’s motivation in a negative way, you might have experienced that. As it is commonly said, money can’t buy you happiness, however if you don’t own sufficient amount of money, from which you can pay what you have to, and save some for the upcoming family trip, that can – and most of the time it does – lead to sadness and depression. Moreover money is a tool for development and a path towards opportunities, as if one would like to apply to a university for example, they have to pay tuition fee, books, dorm, etc.


So in my opinion there are two options. Either every person should recieve a defined amount of money every month regardless of their work status and working, doing extra work, or being in a higher position would add up to that given amount, or the minimum standard salary should be calculated taking into consideration the average spending of a household. Of course salaries are paid for the employees’ skills, education, added value and competencies, but I think that each and every person has the right to live without such frustration and fear.


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