Make your choice, shape your future

“You might never fail on the scale I did, but some failure in life is inevitable. It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all — in which case, you fail by default.”

J. K. Rowling

I had a plesant conversation in the past days, which got me thinking and I think it’s a relevant topic for everyone in my age – 22. I believe my 20s are to discover myself, my opportunities, my challenges, my personal and professional borders, so that I can decide whether I’m heading to the right directon, or not. Experimenting and gathering experience of course might take tiny or considerable sacrifices, which brings us the hard part: decision making. Some are easy, because we can turn things back if it turns out to be a bad decision, and choose the other path. And there are those, which we can not change after we made our decision, which are leaving a trail and which do have irreversible consequences for which we are to take responsibility. This is the adult thing which people were talking about I guess.

In my opinion your decisions and the actions that you take accordingly define who you are, and who you are going to be. Are we prepared to make the right decision? Can we bear the burden of a bad decision? I think the answer is different for every person, however the universal truth is that you can not avoid decision making. And you better practice it, since as time goes by the harder the decisions will be, and they might also carry more and more of conflict sources. Therefore we have to learn to make decisions and to make the best out of a bad decision, as they also come along.

Do you take your dog for a walk? What should you cook for dinner? Do you study/work or procrastinate? Do you spend some time of the year learning a new language, or do you do something else instead? Which job offer do you take? Do you go abroad and gain some experience? Whom do you marry? How many children will you have?

Who is responsible for teaching you to make decisions which are the best for you? Basically everyone in your environment, because we take samples and copies from that, and add these to our very own personalities, but I think You have the biggest part. You are the one who has the authority to shape your life in a way you would like to live it. Be brave, and ask yourself the question: Will this matter 5 years from now? Am I happy right now? What do I love doing?

There are opportunities that you will never be given the chance to take once again. You know, those cliché once in a lifetime things, they really never come back to you once you let it pass. So keep your eyes wide open and take the chances, and live life to its full extent!



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