Education, is it?

The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

At this time, I think this is desperation. I’m having an exam tomorrow at 10 am, so I should be studying right now, getting ready for my oral exam in order to get a good grade and to feel accomplished afterwards with a huge mug of coffee and a great film, like the Dark Knight, or something even better. So why do I not study? That’s what I’ve been thinking of as well, and I felt like I should state my opinion to a wider audience.

I’m attending a college currently, and to be honest I didn’t quite know what I should expect from higher education at first place when I got accepted. I knew that it was going to be harder, I should be more individual, so generally the standards were higher, and still are higher than in high school. But the idea of education never changed, only the amount of hours spent with studying and the subjects of course. What got me thinking is the expectation of the system itself: the students should be able to sit enough and memorize enough sentences of the given subjects, and should be able to present it to the responsible teacher in the exact same way as they learned it. So the challenge of higher education is the ability of getting as much of knowledge as possible – already figured out and said out loud by brilliant professionals – in our heads, and reproduce that on a piece of paper. If you are lucky, you are given the chance to express your thoughts on the given topic. I should not be generalizing higher education as one, there are amazing examples mostly in anglo-saxon countries, I know, this is only my recent experience.


If we look at education in general, there were few drastic changes regarding the educational structure, the methods, the education materials recently. If we look at the other side, so the ones who are attending these institutions, there were changes between the generations, that do require attention and some alignment from these institutions as well. There are very few universities and colleges which are using up-to-date digital equipments, which are eager to observe the students’ habits and needs frequently, and most rarely which are able to react to these needs. I’d really prefer for example an argument as an exam. Or I could also imagine selecting a topic at the beginning of a course, work on that topic – e.g.: creating a case study, market analysis, etc. – and present the results at the end of the course in my own, unique way.

Higher educations should prepare all of us for being competitive on the labour market, it should shape our way of thinking, widen our perspective, develop our skills and competencies, and provide us tools to carve our own ways and personalities.


One thought on “Education, is it?

  1. Dear blogger,

    The problem you raised is as old as the education system itself. The importance of the education is not a question for any of us, but people have never liked acquiring knowledge that they aren’t interested in. I think passing knowledge is one of the most important thing in life. Humans are designed to pass information from generation to generation from the beginning by their DNA or just a PPT presentation… And what really matters is the method of the education. Nowadays it is more and more important to have practical knowledge, but most educational systems are not able to give this. It can occour, because the people who decide about the educational systems were born in another generation and they can’t understand the importance of it. At this point the teacher’s responsibility is higher than most people would think. They are the ones who have daily contact with the students, they can notice their needs and they are the ones who make a huge impact on the students. But there is a huge difference between our age and the ages before. We have internet. More and more percent of the written knowledge of mankind can be found online, at one place. This is one of the the purpose of education, to have access to every information you need to survive and develop. This is why the new generations are less interested towards the education, because they think that they “know” everything and also where to find the information they need. But is it a real knowledge?… The answer is in the quote of Martin Luther King, Jr. “Intelligence.” The intelligence is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills, that’s why it’s not enough to know where to find the information, but the basics have to be in our mind to know how to use them and understand the connections between them. It makes people “intelligent” and it forms their “character”. That’s why I also have to sit down and start learning for my exams now, because I hope that I will have the chance to change the educational system once… Maybe I won’t understand the nedds of the next generations… but I want to be intelligent enough to ask it.


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